The Award Process

Prize nomination & awarding Timeline

The Schweickart Prize operates on a rolling application basis throughout the year, following a structured timeline. The prize was launched on June 30th, 2023.

The ongoing process for nomination and awarding of the prize is:

October 1st

A call for the following year’s nominations will be published on the Schweickart Prize website, and circulated to our mailing list and universities worldwide.

February 15th

Applications for the current year are due.

June 30th: Asteroid Day

The winner is announced.

Award Committee Members

The Schweickart Prize Award Committee comprises representatives from renowned universities and organizations worldwide, specializing in astronomy, planetary science, aerospace, and space policy programs. Committee members, representing the many facets of the planetary defense issue, play a vital role in the process by actively reviewing applications. The Committee will meet virtually as required.

anousheh ansari

CEO, xPrize

Los Angeles, CAlifornia, USA

Dr. Richard Binzel

Professor of Planetary Science
Joint Professor of Aerospace Engineering and MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MAssachusetts, usa

Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman

Professor of the Practice of Aerospace EngineeringDirector, Human Systems Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MAssachusetts, usa

Dr. Irmgard Marboe

Professor of International Law
Department of European, International and Comparative Law
University of Vienna

vienna, austria

Dr. Patrick Michel

Director of Research at CNRS,
Lagrange Laboratory, Côte d’Azur Observatory

nice, france

Hong-Kyu Moon, PhD

Research Scientist
Head of Exploration Science Project Group
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute


Oliver Morton

Senior editor, The Economist

United Kingdom

Dr. Soichi Noguchi

Astronaut (Space Shuttle, Soyuz, SpaceX)
Professor, Entrepreneur


Dr. Dorin Prunariu

CosmonautVice Chair, Asteroid FoundationFounding member, Association of Space Explorers

Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Frans G. von der Dunk

Harvey and Susan Perlman Alumni / Othmer Professor of Space Law
Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Program
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

lincoln, nebraska, usa

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