for Planetary Defense

Founded in 2023, the Schweickart Prize was established with the goal of enhancing our capability to protect life on Earth from the potentially devastating consequences of an asteroid impact — planetary defense. 

The prize recognizes graduate students for their innovative ideas and potential leadership in the advancement of planetary defense-related fields including asteroid impact prediction, impact mitigation, mitigation law and policy development, impact economics, and planetary defense public education and communication.

Awarded annually on International Asteroid Day as observed on June 30th, the Schweickart Prize winner will receive a prestigious museum-quality award, with an authenticated meteorite, symbolizing the existential nature of the award's purpose. In addition to the physical award, the prize winner will be granted a cash prize of $10,000 USD. Their winning proposal will be given global exposure through a press campaign, ensuring widespread acknowledgment of their innovative ideas.

Credit: Christopher Che

The Schweickart Prize commemorates the illustrious career and public leadership of Rusty Schweickart, Apollo 9 astronaut and co-founder of B612 Foundation.

Rusty has made significant contributions to space exploration and planetary defense over his 60-year career in astronautics, government service, and advocacy. His involvement has been instrumental in advancing spaceflight capabilities and raising awareness about the potential threats posed by near-Earth objects (NEOs).

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